What is BeLocal Mt. Airy?

BeLocal Mt. Airy is local citizens group in Mount Airy, Maryland actively seeking to strengthen our town’s sense of community, sense of place, and local self-reliance. Our motto is “Grow. Play. Shop. Act.” which encompass both the local-first thinking and the wide-range of initiatives which emerge from a grass roots approach to listening to the  residents of Mount Airy, MD.

  • Grow Local: Supporting local farms, starting community gardens, encouraging back-yard gardeners.
  • Play Local: Expanding local cultural and recreational opportunities, encouraging individual expression and sharing.
  • Shop Local: Strengthening the local economy by supporting local businesses, and encouraging local entrepreneurship.
  • Act Local: Engaging citizens through community-based volunteer opportunities.

Our vision is to counter the many global, economic, and societal forces that tend to split us apart by bringing people together around the common cause of making their home town a more socially connected, environmentally sustainable, culturally rich, economically vibrant,  physically safe, and beautiful place to live.

What we do

Working collaboratively, BeLocal Mt. Airy seeks to ignite our collective genius to find solutions to our common needs. By engaging residents, businesses, community organizations, and local governments in a process of imagination, planning, and hard work, we will devise creative ways to build a community that is connected, engaged, sustainable, and looks to one another for the greatest possible number of our needs.

If you would like to get involved, please send us a message via the contact form below. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

If your just curious, you can come back frequently and view our events page to see what’s going on, or view some of our useful links. Thanks for taking the time to learn about BeLocal Mt. Airy.


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