Make watering a snap

As I put away my hoses and shut off faucets for the winter, it reminded me of something I figured out a few years ago that saves me a little time and effort. So, I thought I’d share this quick tip to make your watering chores a tad easier too.

I use a variety of nozzles on my hoses; hand nozzle, extended handle nozzle, oscillating sprinkler, and soaker hoses, depending on the application. Twisting these on and off each time I needed to change to a different one was a pain. So, I installed quick-connects on both of my hoses, and each of my nozzles. Now its literally a snap to switch them out.

A quick-connect is a device that allows you to push on a nozzle, and remove it by pulling back a ring. This is much faster, and far less frustrating then fighting to remove nozzles you’ve over-tighten to prevent leaking, or that have rusted in place. By the way a little plumbers tape placed around the threads of the quick-connect couplings before attaching them to your hose and nozzles will help keep those from leaking or getting frozen in place as well.

quick connct
Hose Quick-Connect

You can pick a set of quick-connects up at any hardware store for about $5 for a set of 2. There is a great set on Amazon for $11.99 that will outfit 2 hoses and 6 nozzles.  Where ever you get yours, make sure you get mettle. The plastic ones are likely to crack and not last more than a season. You’ll get many years out of a good aluminum or brass set for only a buck or two more. So snap up a set of quick-connects when your picking up an extra extension cord for those holiday lights, and you’ll already have one task simplified for next spring.

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