Essential Bike Accessories for Safety, Comfort, and Performance – Part 2

After you’ve been biking for a while, and have the basic maintenance and safety items covered, you may find yourself ridding more often over longer distances. When you start doing that, comfort starts to become a priority. Here are a few essentials to extend your range.

Bike Shorts. The biggest pain from biking is in the tush. Hopefully you were properly fitted for your saddle when you purchased the bike, but no matter what, you’ll want some padded shorts to ease the pressure on you buttocks and pelvic bones. If you are not into the look of bike shorts, you can always wear a pair of athletic shorts over them. I’ll do this on family bike outings where my teenage sons would otherwise be mortified. I also layer up with a pair of pocketed hiking shorts on adventure races for the added storage spots for food or gear

Bike gloves. A good set of gloves provide protection from blisters, wind, minor bike repairs, or the road in the event of a spill. Bike cloves come in both half and full fingered styles for cold or warm weather.

Water bottle holder. These nifty and simple devices attach easily to your frame. All bikes have at least 1, and often 2, sets of mount points for accessories like hand pumps and bottle holders. I highly recommend metal, and not plastic holders for their durability. Keeping water with you on a ride, like any athletic activity, is a matter of both comfort and safety frankly.

There are plenty of other items you could add to a bike depending on how you plan on using it, but these simple three are the best place to start to help you enjoy every ride and keep coming back for more.

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