Simple Dirt

One of the best ways to create rich, beautiful soil, and make use of otherwise wasted resources, is to compost. Many hesitate however because of the presumed untidiness, expected smells, and effort involved in tending compost piles. So how to make use of all those kitchen scraps and yard waste you simply have too much of just to use as mulch? Simple – bury it.

Yep. You can just find a spot where you want to build some future soil and start burring the same stuff you’d otherwise pile up. Now there are some caveats here. Best to do this inside a fenced area where animals won’t dig things up, and you do need a patch of dirt that isn’t too difficult to dig into or it could be more work.

But if you have walk-ways between your garden beds that have already been mulched, or a place you want to expand your garden, just burring your kitchen compost with a little chopped up yard waste will get the fertility process started.

I used this method to build the habit of saving compostable materials before I was ready to tackle a traditional compost pile. You can do the same. And when you run low on decent burial sites, or are ready to create large volumes of compost for spreading, you can graduate to a dedicated compost bin or pile as well.

Meanwhile you’ll get benefit from materials that would otherwise would be waste, and maybe even start changing the way you look at stewardship of the earth and its resources.

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