It’s Easier to Come Clean Then You Thought

Once we’ve cut as much energy use as we can, it’s time to clean up the rest of the power that we use. We can do this by switching to renewables. The most effective way for most people to do so is with roof mounted solar energy. Clean, extremely local, and easier then you may think.

Today it is  extremely simple to get solar installed through a solar leasing company. They do all the hard work of planning, permitting, installing, and maintaining the system, and you just pay a monthly bill that may even be less than what you spend now with your utility.

I’ve put in leased solar on two homes, first in 2008, and just recently in 2016. It keeps getting easier and quicker, as so much of the process is automated. All you do is provide your address, answer a few questions about your current energy use, and you get a complete quote, design, and electric production estimate within days. If you are happy with the projected cost savings and design, you’ll have your system installed and producing in just a couple months.

Be sure you shop around with reputable companies. Look for large national chains or highly rated local firms who have been in business for 10 years or more. There is a lot of consolidation going on in the industry, and since you’ll most typically be signing a 20-year lease, you want the company you pick to have a good shot at being around that long.

So, what will you notice once your solar is installed and operating? Nothing. Your lights and appliance will behave as before, you’ll go about your daily routine same as before. You may have a slight grin however when you boot up that computer or open the refrigerator door knowing you’ve drastically cut your carbon footprint, and are powering your life from the sun.

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