Sharing – The Simple Solution to Saving Money

The Sharing Economy. We hear about it every day. Independent contractors who “share” their homes or cars through some central entity to make a few extra bucks.  Well, I’m not so sure about that definition.  The sharing I’m familiar with doesn’t involve money changing hands. No, it’s the good old-fashioned kindergarten level sharing I’m talking about as a simple way to save money on your gardening or home repair projects.

I’m referring to tool sharing of course. If you are just starting out as a gardener or homeowner, you’ll find the initial outlay on tools required to put in and maintain a garden, or tackle a renovation project, can run into the hundreds of dollars. Instead of buying everything you need yourself, why not find a group of friends or neighbors in the same boat and share tools with one another.  Don’t know who to ask?  Reach out on Facebook. There are already thriving sharing communities on-line you can join. Sometimes called “tool-libraries” these groups facilitate person-to-person tool borrowing, or sometimes have central locations (like the actual community library!) where tools can be checked out like books.

If you can’t find a tool-share nearby, just start one with a simple post stating “Fugal home-owner seeks other like-minded tight-wads to share home and garden tools.” Post it with a picture of your pitifully empty shed and see if you don’t have get a bunch of sympathetic replies.

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